I am Gaia, and one place is never enough for me, I want to be everywhere. I speak with everyone and I have others teach me their own words. I am Gaia and am always on the move. I am Gaia and I can sleep anywhere and wake up rested in half an hour.

Again, said Gaia. Julia looked at Kristen who spoke with her eyes wide looking into Julia’s and Gaia’s.

I am Gaia and I cannot walk, I run everywhere I go. I am Gaia and I listen to a mysterious music playing in my head, music that sometimes forces me to dance to its rhythm, to move my legs, my arms, to pace my steps.

Again, again, said Gaia clapping, her feet moving in the air while her mother spoke.

I am Gaia and I see things that are invisible to others, things that have not happened and things that are close to us but we cannot see. I talk in my sleep with demons who tell me their secrets, the secrets of life, I do not only listen but argue with them, I even get angry, I listen to their revelations and see the world through their eyes.

Sometimes screaming, said Julia, and I wake up scared to find out that it was not a dream.

It was not a dream, said Gaia, it was true. I really speak to them.

I am Gaia, continued Kristen, and I swim every day, in warm and icy water, at night. I never get tired to swim, I’m half-girl, half-fish, I know the language of the fish and how to speak with them.

I am Gaia and I am always warm. My hands are sweaty in the summer and in the winter, when the air is frozen, I never wear gloves, I walk a few steps and my hands heat up quickly.

I am Gaia and see the magic in the world, the magic invisible to others.

Gaia clapped her hands loudly laughing, Julia clapped her hands with her. Kristen opened her hands and dropped her hair on her face.

Empty plates now, she said.



About Marco

My name is Marco, I am an entrepreneur in the financial industry, a graphic artist and a lover of the urban landscape. You can tweet me @helobiae

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