I know the secret, said Frank, and I will tell you what the secret is. I know it for I listened to the sound life makes when nobody talks, I then learned to listen to that sound all the time, and when people talked I would hear their words. Now, to the secret. Life is dreaming what you can be and becoming it. There is nothing else. You dream the most fantastic of all dreams. You dream until you find what has meaning for you. You dream until you find the only way you can change the life of others for the better. You dream and dream and the more you dream the more you know what you will become. Then you aim for it, you work day and night and you dream at night what you will become. Your only risk is to aim too low. If you aim too low you become your dream and you discover that your dream is not something that changes the life of others for the better. You discover that what you called your dream was not very important to you. Then you start again, dreaming again, there is no age at which your dream becomes impossible. You look at yourself and dream what you will be.

Your dream starts at the moment before you die. In that moment you are what your dream has made you. You are about to leave everything. Will you leave enough love? Will you have changed someone for the better? Will you be able to say thank you in that moment? Now, consider what you are in that moment. You are about to die, still you have made your life relevant to others. Did you repair the texture of life? Did you take life where others have not taken it? Were you courageous? Was your dream worth?


About Marco

My name is Marco, I am an entrepreneur in the financial industry, a graphic artist and a lover of the urban landscape. You can tweet me @helobiae

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