The Pliers Cake is made with Manitoba Flour, yeast, eggs, warm water, sugar, salt, vanilla, rum, lemon and orange peel and butter. All ingredients must be at room temperature. One egg white is to be kept separate and used to gloss the Cake before baking it. The room where the cake is prepared needs to be warm.

Start with yeast and water and a spoonful of sugar and another of flour and let it leaven the first time for half an hour. Then add eggs, sugar and salt, orange and grated lemon peel and flour and warm melted butter and mix everything with your hands, then let it leaven the second time for three hours. Knead it again and let it leaven the third and last time for three hours. Before baking the cake, gloss it with the egg white and make deep zig zag cuts with a pair of scissors. Cook it for an hour in a hot oven.



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