Julia looked at the sky, one star at a time, the brightest and the most distant, those that were visible only after several minutes, those which appeared after her eyes accustomed to the darkness.

I’d like to draw a map of the stars, a guide for space navigation, or rather a guide for sea and land navigation based on the stars, Julia said.

I finished, said Gaia.

Did you count them all?

I counted one hundred.

But there are more than one hundred stars in the sky tonight.

Does not matter, I can only count up to a hundred.

And the other stars?

The other stars need more numbers. Would you count them for me?


I will look at them without counting.

Progressively, an increasing number of stars became visible, a number higher than Julia herself could count. Strips appeared among the stars, heavenly trails illuminated with red light. When her eyes were able to recognize the light trails, Julia turned her gaze back to Gaia, who was lying next to her. Gaia’s dress, her arms, her legs were made of stars, Gaia’s face, sky and stars, her wide eyes, stars and reflection of stars.

You are made of stars.

You too Julia.

Julia looked at her dress, her legs stretched out on the grass, raised her hands and stretched them out against the sky. Even her body, her dress seemed made of the light of the stars. Julia laid down again, spread her arms as Gaia and closed her eyes.



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My name is Marco, I am an entrepreneur in the financial industry, a graphic artist and a lover of the urban landscape. You can tweet me @helobiae

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