A man standing on a bamboo scaffolding in balance between the two sides of a narrow calle, thin as a shrub, gnarled, bearded, attracted Julia’s attention. He was applying colored tiles on a ledge of the building. Just above the scaffolding, a metal protrusion supported a small deck under construction. The multi-storey structure rested on bamboo legs, bent to the movement of the man, then resumed its position. The man used several baskets full of scraps of colored glass, glued a few at a time on the façade, took a step back to look, glued some more tiles. He did not say a word but sang softly, Julia could barely hear him. His words were these.

Orange juice, scissors and glue,

I was with Helen on the hill,

pliers, hammers and bolts,

we stayed there through the night.


About Marco

My name is Marco, I am an entrepreneur in the financial industry, a graphic artist and a lover of the urban landscape. You can tweet me @helobiae

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