Gaia and Julia went to visit Mark again.

We found some parts of the machine at the museum, Gaia said, but they are not aware of the machine itself.

Yes, said Mark, either that, or they do not want to recognize that what they have there is more than a possibility.

Julia looked at Mark in the eyes.

Does the machine fly?

You have seen it

What about the fish?

You have seen them with a binocular, if I understand well. You tell me, were they flying?



Very much so.

What about the man, was he flying?

Yes. But you have not answered my question. Does the machine fly?

That is the point of the Anomaly itself. We need to find it and explore what you saw. Do you remember were you were when you saw it?


Let us plan to go there, maybe Sunday morning, if Kristen is fine with it.

All together?

All together, this is something very important.



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