Gaia could not sleep, the bed next to her was empty. She was sitting on the couch, her mother beside her.

When shall Julia return?

She’ll be back tomorrow evening.

What’s she doing now?

She’s flying above us, inside an airship.

Can you sleep there?

Sure you can, but not as comfortably as in a real bed.

Julia can’t sleep tonight.

Maybe so, maybe she’s excited to fly, maybe she is missing us.

You can sleep on an airship. Let’s go on the terrace and watch.

Put on your shoes and jacket but let’s stay only a few minutes. Tonight it’s very cold.

Gaia put on her shoes and Julia’s heavy coat, ran out of the door and climbed fast the stairs leading to the terrace. A freezing gale was blowing, nobody else was around. Gaia’s hair was stretched in the air.

Where is Julia now?

Kristen looked at the starry sky east to west. There was not a single cloud to prevent the view. The stars were pink and blue.

Look Ma a flashing star.

It’s an airship, it is certainly Julia greeting you. Hold on for a moment. Tonight I sleep over you goodnight Gaia.

It’s her, let’s respond.

Let me find the lantern, it’s dark, here.

Keeping the lid closed in front of the lens, Kristen turned the light on, using a match from the small drawer in the closet where the lantern was kept on the terrace.

Now, we have to wait until the light becomes bright. What would you like to say?

We are on the terrace looking at you, goodnight Julia. Come back soon. We are waiting. I am Gaia.

Wait, one word at a time.

Kristen flashed the words slowly towards the dark shadow in the sky. Ferdinand would read the words to Julia. When Kristen finished, both her and Gaia remained motionless, looking at the darkness. Then a few flashes said



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