If I have not seen it, I cannot draw it.

I’ll help you out. Draw an island here.

Julia’s hand could not move.

Let me draw it then.

Gaia took the pen from her hand and drew an irregular shape in the middle of the sheet. Julia looked at the drawing as if it was a sort of miracle. Shapes were forming out of nowhere while in her mind all shapes were images she had stored and she would replicate in minute-detail. Gaia looked at Julia and kept drawing.

In a little while an archipelagos was formed. Islands here and there on paper, some close enough to be connected by bridges, other far from each other, requiring days of navigation and dexterity to be reached. Simple circles or squares became islands, wavy lines became seas, squares within squares became buildings. Canals were simple lines across the islands.

Where did you see those islands before?

I invented them. I saw the maps you work on all day.

In fifteen minutes the game board was complete.



About Marco

My name is Marco, I am an entrepreneur in the financial industry, a graphic artist and a lover of the urban landscape. You can tweet me @helobiae

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