Julia put her hand in her pocket and pulled out the organic map. She opened it and looked at it. She was in the center of a large building, with paths that led outside and on top of it. When she walked on the path that mounted progressively through the circular building, towards the terrace on the very top, the moss would slowly move and assume the shape of the floor she was at. Julia marveled at the way the map adapted to its surroundings. It is a matter of humidity, air, magnetic radiation and the breath of life that keeps it all together, this moss is able to live off it and shape itself accordingly, Kristen had said when she gave the organic map to Julia. Still, sitting on a wooden bench on the terrace of the building that folded onto itself like a cuddling cat, among the trees and the people who crossed the suspended bridge to the Island of Mist, looking at the roofs and terraces and bridges and canals, Julia saw what she was meant to do. She could only picture herself painting and drawing, she would make a map of the city, a large map that portrays a much bigger picture than the one offered by the organic map, a static map that would not describe the interior of the buildings, room by room as the organic map did, but the city at a larger scale and would be used for travelers among islands, for explorers and for herself and Gaia when they wanted to explore the city. She would use the organic map to gather information about each island and use her memory to depict the overall appearance of the metropolis from above.

Descending the building she was ecstatic with the idea, she walked briskly home and could not keep the matter to herself. As soon as Gaia appeared at the door, she explained it all to her and told her what she would do in the morning, at the lab, explain it all to Alexander and make him interested in the idea. Julia was unusually hungry that night and had trouble sleeping. She spoke to Gaia until Gaia stopped responding and then lingered in bed until sleep finally came.


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My name is Marco, I am an entrepreneur in the financial industry, a graphic artist and a lover of the urban landscape. You can tweet me @helobiae

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