He wrote it around the city but his message was not widely understood. Most resisted coming up with their own dreams, they confused the dream of the Artist with theirs. The Artist’s dream was to change the lives of others by urging them to change in capital letters written on bridges arches, docks and masts, garbage bins and discarded furniture and broken appliances waiting for pickup on the calle. Some confused the racks and bins and furniture and appliances with the message. Others dismissed his art, for the Artist gave his art away and owned nothing. He lived at friends’ houses, moved often and dined at different taverns for free. His dream was to inspire others to pursue their own dream.

Kids understand the secret well, kids already know the secret. Kids are born with the secret, yet progressively they forget it. Adults never talk about it and live as the secret does not exist. Most adults die having completely forgotten about the secret. They know they have forgotten something, but they can’t identify it any more. This something is the secret. They know they have lost all their time and time was all they had. At the end of their life, they understand they have spent their life in vain. Yet all of them, each of them individually, knew the secret at one point. They were courageous, they were inventors, fearless explorers at the time when they knew the secret. Fortunately the secret is something that can be relearned later in life, albeit with some difficulty. The difficulty of learning again what you have forgotten is the difficulty of opening your mind when you have already closed it. It is the difficulty of reversing priorities against what everyone else tells you.

The Artist got the secret as well as anybody. His dream is to explain what the secret is to more people than anyone else. Still his way was not understood widely and those that understood it took only the superficial meaning of his words and did not understand how his words applied to them.

Become your dream. Dream the best of your dreams, dream the most amazing life you can dream of and live it. Nothing else should be said to a child. Dream what you want to be and be it.


About Marco

My name is Marco, I am an entrepreneur in the financial industry, a graphic artist and a lover of the urban landscape. You can tweet me @helobiae

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