Kristen recognized suddenly that the branches that were partly covering her bedroom window were the legs of a hard shell spider, a crab like creature which lived in the depths of the lagoon and was rarely seen out of water. It moved slowly and every movement of it made Kristen tremble. She felt the crab was as large as the building itself and able to swallow them all. When Julia heard the scream she came into the room and looked at the crab from the window. She then left the room and leaned out of the window in their room to have a better look of it. The crab jerked a little and Kristen screamed again. Julia gave a good look and then put the shoes on and went outside in Campo dei Fiori. Gaia followed her. Kristen moved in the girls room and looked out of the window. Gaia and Julia were looking towards her room and Gaia was pointing at the crab. Every movement of the girls, every gesture made her tremble. When the girls came back they found Kristen ready to leave, her guitar and all.

I need to rehearse for tonight, I’ll be late, eat by yourself and get to bed early please. She kissed both girls on their forehead. From now on, until that creature leaves, please do not go outside nor open the window.

Right away, as they found themselves alone, they removed their shoes, washed their hands and started preparing dinner.

What do you want to eat, asked Julia.

Let us give a look at what we have, said Gaia, and opened the refrigerator.

We could prepare some spelt with tomatoes and beans, said Julia.

I like it. Do you think Anthony the crab will like it too?

At night Julia woke up and went to the window and the crab was still there, its legs in a different place from when she last saw it. The simple fact that it had moved sent a shiver along the back of the girl. She went back to bed and fell asleep. She dreamed of crabs and spiders and the sea submerging the city and many fantastic creatures covering the buildings. Oddly, it was Gaia who woke up Julia in the morning.

Anthony is gone, she said.

Have you looked out of the other windows?

It is nowhere to be seen.


About Marco

My name is Marco, I am an entrepreneur in the financial industry, a graphic artist and a lover of the urban landscape. You can tweet me @helobiae


  1. That hard shell spider would scare me to death!
    BTW, what is “spelt with tomatoes and beans”? I feel stupid but I never heard of the dish 🙂

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