Kristen stares at the wall as if it were a window. She talks softly with her raucous voice. Hello love, she says and smiles at the wall.

Julia and Gaia look at her from a distance, unseen.

She talks with the spirit my father, she does it often, Gaia says, she calls him the spirit of life or the spirit of love when I ask her about him.

Julia widened her eyes. Does she see him, she asks, careful not to be heard.

She does not need to see him, she knows he is with her all the time.

We made great music yesterday night, Kristen says, my head kept singing for long after the concert has ended. I heard new words and new music, I will play it for you tonight.


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My name is Marco, I am an entrepreneur in the financial industry, a graphic artist and a lover of the urban landscape. You can tweet me @helobiae

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