That morning something pulled Julia out of the bed, an unmotivated excitement, an urgency without reason. She went to the bathroom and only when she came out she saw it from the window. Visible in the early morning, full, so clear that Julia could see the shape of its craters without a telescope, large, magically suspended, unmoving. She felt a weird attraction, the sensation of a sudden loss of air. She went to Kristen’s room. I am going to the terrace to make some drawings of the moon, she said softly. Kristen turned in her bed. Gaia was deep asleep when she left the room, she wore her shoes outside of the apartment, climbed the stairs and opened the door. The moon was just above her, its size enormous. It was larger than anything in sight, larger than any building, larger than the lagoon itself. There was nobody in the terrace so early in the day, Julia could not share the excitement for her discovery. She opened her notebook and portrayed the moon over the buildings, crater by crater. The moon evidently got closer, she thought. Maybe it gets as close as to allow some of us to jump to it. She could walk around the moon for a day or so and come back to the exact spot where she jumped from. She could do it fast enough to remain unseen, she could walk on the dark side of the moon, bringing a lantern to illuminate her steps. When she turned back towards the stairs, she saw them in front her, advancing slowly. Wolves.


About Marco

My name is Marco, I am an entrepreneur in the financial industry, a graphic artist and a lover of the urban landscape. You can tweet me @helobiae


  1. Your Moon is gorgeous!

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