Then it finishes, abruptly, said one night the hero to a small crowd. As abruptly it has begun. Those who tied themselves to her, to him, are temporarily lost. They protect themselves by living those moments in confusion, which will in turn cloud memories. They will remember little of the last moments and start confounding details of what happened before. Loss clouds all that came before it, to let life expand. Everyone is pushed, urged forward. Those that linger are dead. The bodies of some of them may endure a little but they are lifeless, pretending life for themselves and for others who do not live. Those that are alive recognize the dead at sight, they will spend as little time as they can with them, for death is contagious. Everyone else moves forward, willing or not.

They walk and talk and learn and write and laugh and cry and read and embrace each other, they form ideas and change ideas and share ideas and play all day. They sleep at night or during the day, in beds and on floors and on their folded arms on tables. They help others and are helped by them, they learn to see through others’ eyes, they know how to keep secrets and how to surprise. They are tired at the end of each day, still sometimes their sleep is disturbed by what could be and is not yet. They may take notes during the night and wake up in the morning only to share what they have seen during their sleep. They are generous, for they know that nothing belongs to them, nothing belongs to anyone in particular. They are restless and seldom satisfied. They may perfect an idea incessantly, but they know that the only way to improve an idea is to mingle it with other ideas. They take their ideas or half-ideas around, meet other people with different half-ideas and sometimes will end up with two full-ideas in exchange for two half-ideas. They laugh and cry and love and never hate, they forget and let go. They sometimes leave riches but always leave love. All they do is love, all their dreams and ideas and talks and actions are love. They discover this eventually, if at all. Then it finishes, abruptly said the hero and did not say another word that night.


About Marco

My name is Marco, I am an entrepreneur in the financial industry, a graphic artist and a lover of the urban landscape. You can tweet me @helobiae

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