Julia left early one morning, she looked around her room one last time after the boat had arrived. Her father brought the crate down the stairs for her, the boatman helped him when he reached the fondamenta and laid it inside the boat. Julia’s mother did not leave the house. She waved her hand from the window. She could not hide her urgency to cry and left Julia’s father alone, next to the canal, before Julia disappeared under a bridge.

It is not like we will never see her again, he said to his wife.

It is not going to be the same thing, it is never going to be the same thing.

Would you like to have her here all her life, to deprive her of all possibilities?

It is just too early, she is not ready.

It is you who are not ready, she is as ready as she will ever be, readier than we were when we left our houses at her age. Let her live her life and live yours. Get ready, we have a lot to do today.

Give me fifteen minutes, I have been busy helping Julia this morning, she said entering the bathroom.


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